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Nowadays, it is so easier than ever to how to make a website professional by couple of steps. You don’t need to be a certified web developer. There are some simple steps to build a quality website.

Before we start to make a website, we need to pick the platform. The easiest platform is WordPress. WordPress is a free platform, plug and play, beginner-friendly.
In this guideline, we’re going to teach you every single steps, which is required to make a site on WordPress. We will discuss how to choose a domain name, hosting, installation your site and customize its look and functionality, and so on. Let’s begin!

Choose a unique Domain name for website

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Name is the main thing above all in life. So, here in website related issue a perfect and unique name must be needed to make any website. A lot of decisions about website can be made once its main set up is done, although you will need a name for sure. Because the first steps required to make a website is to purchase a domain name (ex-

The name must have to match the websites content, because it will carry the identity that what the website is all about.
Picking a name is very hard and creative work. Though name is most important so suggestion is must needed thing. Here anyone can get some ideal domain name suggestions. The website name must have to be unique, it should not be similar to any other websites or niches sites. The shorter name is easy to memories. Similar to business name is mostly effective for your business.
If anyone need help to check the business domain name they can check from here to get the name available.
TLD (Top Level Domain) known as .com/.net/.org. It is very important and effective for a website to hold a TLD. Most visitors try to find their information from .com/.net/.org type domain. So try to pick this kind of domains.

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Generally a domain value is 9-13$/per year. Anyone can purchase domain from various hosting provider by their price.

Select a hosting provider:

Now, you we need a hosting plan to get the website live in online. This cost of a hosting plan is vary by different hosting provider. The good news is nowadays so many hosting providers provide cheap rate hosting plan which is below than $3 per month. This is better for starter who just enter this website platform.

There are many hosting company provides different hosting plans. It is always upgradeable so no need to worry. After getting something more powerful and more traffic, it can be upgrade later on.

Here is some suggestions to get starter plan:

Hostgator: The best lowest hosting plan starts from $2.75 per month.

Namecheap: The most advanced and very cheap plan. From $2.88 per month.

Bluehost: The basic host plan starts from 3.95$ with a free TLD domain registration

SiteGround: This is another hosting company, offering solid performance. Starts from $3.95 per month.

TMD Hosting: Another hosting provider and still get the lowest price. From $2.95 per month.

When purchasing a hosting plan, anyone can also buy the domain name at one go.

After purchasing domain and hosting plan now need to adjust the hosting plan with the domain names. Some time it take around 24 hours to connect. Mostly take around 3 hours. And some hosting providers can connect within an hour.

After completing all that now it’s time for step 3.

· Install the WordPress plugin in website

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After completing step 1 and 2 now it’s time to install the wordpress plugin in the website. And every hosting plan give the wordpress plugin as free forever.

After connected the hosting plan and domain. Now first have to go the cPanel. Then softaculous over there the wordpress will be visible. Click the wordpress plugin then fill the forms like this after that click installation. Within 2-3 minutes it will be done. And a confirmation mail will get in the email which will be given. Generally, anyone can install this plugin easily but if every hosting provider has the live chat or technical team to help to install

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Once the wordpress plugin is installed in the website, now it will need to log in the website admin panel to visit the admin dashboard. After login now you can view the website in the top left corner by clicking visit site.

A default theme already installed in every wordpress website. Now have to go the option called appearance, then theme. Lots of free themes will be available there just need to select the right theme option as per the website. Then click install and activate. Basically these are free themes. Anyone can also buy premium theme from Themeforest and CreativeMarket and so on. The installation process is same.

  • Add some important free plugins into the website.
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We’ve just talked about the themes and its installation process. Now the website need to important plugins to get better looks on website. This kind of WordPress plugins are free to use. But if anyone wants to get more features then they need to pay various amounts. This kind of plugins like an apps for any Android phone.

There are lots of plugins that make effective changes to the website. After completing the installation of plugins carefully into the website, the site is ready to do exactly what it needs.

While most of the plugin choices will depend upon sites, there are some common plugins for any website, such as:

  • Contact form 7 or WP forms: This plugin can create and customize contact forms page for visitors who can contract to the website owner by this forms.
  • Mail chimp: It can contains the subscribers list and their email addresses. It can use as bulk email sender to all the subscribers.
  • Live chat: it can help to get an instant impact about the site by the visitors to get their instant response.
  • WP login Hider: This can easily safe your backend login details form others.
  • Yoast SEO: This plugin can optimizing the site for search engines helps and attract traffics. It can generate the sitemap. It also can do the webmaster settings for Google, Bing, and Yandex.
  • Google analytics Integrator: It can help to calculate the sites traffics via Google Analytics.
  • Word fence Security: This security plugins can helps to spot and block malicious traffic.

Also, there are lots of other helpful plugins too. We highly recommend to use them as per a website need.

Create some compulsory pages and must needed relevant website content

At this main point, a website need some solid and compulsory works. After install all above now need to create some important pages to guide the visitors that what the website is all about. Also it should be helpful for all your visitors. Then need to put some relevant must need website content to attract the visitors.

The must needed pages of website are given below.

Homepage: A well-designed, maintained homepage or landing page must be needed for new visitors.

Contact: It is the most essential part for the visitors who wants to keep in touch with your website by contacting you.

About: This part is for visitors to help them knowing your website information and who you are actually.

Terms of Services: If you are a simple blogger and have some information type website then this page is a primary item for you. That, what you serving to visitors and show them your terms by this page. If you have an ecommerce site or a business, then you must have some specific rules that how you treat to you customers or visitors.

Privacy Policy: It is No matter that what type of site you are running, you must need to a privacy page to tell them that how you can keep your visitors or subscriber information’s safe and how you used that information.

Above all of these pages are must need for website for any visitors to give a perfect test.

Attract the traffic or visitors to the site

The most natural motive to make a website is getting traffics. Making a website and putting it online is only the beginning stage. Unless you have visitors your site is totally a primary things. You will need some important marketing and SEO to get a daily basis visitors.

When it comes to increasing the number of visitors into the site, then there plenty of strategies you can apply. However, we would recommend two easiest and effective ways–

One is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and another is social media marketing.

SEO is the one of the main process to optimizing the site’s content in search engines. Giving time into SEO helps search engines like Google or Bing or Yandex to understand that what the content is all about.

This is the main marketing policy to get lots of visitors. There are some more relevant plugins to get most effective and easy solutions for SEO. The most common is Yoast SEO plugins. Install this plugin to optimize the content.

After that, website holder can also do the social marketing to get more visitors. Like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and so on. This kind of social platforms can reach the visitors effectively and quickly. And it is a must important things to post any content in the website on daily basis.

Monetize your website for ads

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Basically, this Monetization part is an optional. For example, if a personal web developer or a blogger building a personal blog or any informative websites, they can make some extra handsome money through monetizing the website.

There are some reliable and good sources to get the monetization for website. Like Amazon, Google AdSense,, Infolinks, Adsterra etc. they are trustable to make money online by ads revenue. The biggest monetizing company is Google AdSense. Also website holder can join lots of affiliate marketing programs. To sell their items through website and earn a good revenue. Every single company has their own business policy. So every website holder who wants to get monetized, they need to follow and abide the rules they given.

Conclusion: on making a WordPress siteDeveloping a website by WordPress is so easy. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can do it easily. Taking some time, make some plan, developing the site, and promote your website will reach you to your goal.

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