Are You Making These SEO Mistakes?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. A website is great platform to communicate with others by some specific subject’s content. To get lots of visitors on a website SEO is must needed things. For that reason, a website owner must have to do SEO for his contents. To doing SEO everyone should follow the accuracy to get a great result and coming in the 1st page in Google search. After all we are human so we do mistakes also.

On that basis we may mistakes a lots of important things on SEO. So it will be better to stay the right track don’t do any mistake while doing this. Now we can move forward to talk about some great mistakes in SEO.

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Content is the main thing of a website. Every content must need SEO to get plenty of visitors. Good contents can create a good impression on visitors. But bad contents are a curse.

There are some conditions for good contents. Contents should be unique. Pirated contents can sometimes ban a whole website. Contents should be relevant to the title. The whole writings must be in proper shape. There should be an introduction, a description, and a conclusion.

Sometimes we let guests post on our page. It’s okay but assuring quality is a must. Because low-quality posts can decrease the rank of your website.

We should avoid putting too many ads between contents. These can reduce the impression. Outgoing links are good but we should avoid using too many outgoing links. While writing content we should avoid using the same topics more than one. Content should be easy to read and grammatically correct.

The English language is best for SEO. There shouldn’t be any urban or offensive words in the article. Formal writings are best in this case. Simplicity is recommended while writing content. But using some special words can beautify the content.

  • The most important thing is contents shouldn’t be small. Small contents may be helpful in some case but in SEO long contents are advisable.

Focus Keyword:

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Parrot is a bird that can be tamed very easily. They are capable to learn from humans. Sometimes we see parrots talking like us. But an interesting fact is they can’t say anything on their own.

They just copy our words and utter them. Like parrots, we shouldn’t direct copy and paste anything from online.

Because, Google and other search engine are smart enough to find that what the content is all about. Contents keyword must need to be unique and effective also.

You need to keep your focus keyword and title only for once or two. But if you mention that same keyword and title several times, we can surely say that make your reader boring and make a bad impression for your website.

Internal links:

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Internal links are those kinds of links that point another topic or page of the same website. Suppose the topic ‘A’ is relevant to topic ‘B’ and both are in the same domain. Then if anyone put link ‘A’ in ‘B’s topic can be called internal links.

This is very important for SEO. While browsing any topic if users find another topic related to that topic he/she will surely visit that too. This is a trick to keep visitors stay on your website. If you do not put internal links visitors won’t find anything extra in your website easily.

Then his/her expectation won’t be fulfilled and your site may not be liked by them. You cannot display everything on one page. To do so internal links are superb. By putting internal links your website will be user-friendly and users or visitor will find their desire things very easily. This type of links also helps to increase the rank of your website.

Internal links can be put in a various way. You can put it in a photo that is related to your content. Visual effects like photos attract people more than texts. If anyone ignoring the internet links so that he/she missed an easiest way to boost up the website.

Google Webmaster Tool:

Google Webmaster Tool is a free service by the world’s largest search engine platform Google.

Anyone owns a website can use this service free forever. Website ownership verification, Google Analytics, sitemap can be done by Google webmaster tools. It is important for SEO. It won’t give traffic to your website.

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But it will help you optimize your website and fix some issues that will help you in the future. Google Webmaster Tool helps you to monitor the performance of your website. It also helps to crawl or remove contents that you don’t want to expose in front of the search engine users.

It will help you find user-friendly contents that will increase their visual experience. Some malware or spam cannot be found so easily,

This tool allows you to discover and remove those. With this tool, you will find the most relevant keywords by which your website appears in the search results. You can also see other websites related to yours.

You will also be able to find how your website appears in front of the people searching in the mobiles or tablets

Social Media:

Today’s world is used with social media. Nowadays there are many social media platforms Like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Billions of people use them every single moment. These kinds of platforms are perfect for off page SEO. As there is a huge amount of traffics in this kind of platforms. So, you should use them wisely. Your website should have a fan page or group in common social media platforms, in order to increase your traffic.

We always want to make a picture with a page or a post. These pictures should be used with an Alt tag to ensure that Google can crawl it and find out exactly what image it can. This is very much friendly for the reader and helps highly with any manual review. More significant if we can do a content-related video here and there.  It is so helpful to insert videos in your website by own YouTube channel. It makes a visitor to stay a bit longer in your website and keep them engaged for unique experience.

SEO Methods:

A proverb goes that “Old is gold”. But in some cases, gold is not very effective. Nowadays everything is changing very fast. SEO methods are not above them. Old SEO techniques might effective once, but with the flowing wind, they fade away. In the past, there was a tradition to use the keywords that are exactly as same as the titles and backlinks. But nowadays this is not so much effective anymore. People won’t search the exact words as your title is.

They will search for what they need to find. So you should find and use those keywords that people will search. Internal links are very effective but heavy uses of this can be a problem. One thing should be remembered that the links should be related to the content and it should be for the visitors not for the search engines. You should not have different pages for relevant keywords. It’s intelligent to use one page for different keywords.

Meta Tag:

Meta keywords tags are a bunch of texts that describe page contents. This kind of tags never shown on the page itself. It can only be seen in the page code. This code is mainly for the search engines so that the page can be found by its contents.

Actually, this kind of tags exists in HTML, and they provide short concept about the contents of your page. Using Meta tags are very important for SEO. Because while searching something relevant to your contents this Meta tags will help to find the users.

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This tags also show in the search results. Between Meta tag types four are major. Title tag, Meta keywords attribute, Meta description attribute, Meta robots attribute. Title Tag is the text seen on the top of the browsers.

This is the most important Meta tag among these four & this tag has a direct impact on the SEO.  Meta description deals with a brief description of your page. Robot attribute is an automatic process. Here the Artificial intelligence decides what to do. Meta keywords are a series of keywords that are relevant to your page contents.

While creating content we need to gather information from various sources. Usually, information is collected from the internet. Maximum time the content creators just take the idea from the internet and write it by himself/herself. But in some cases, we need to add someone’s contents in our website. But while doing so first off all we have to take the owner’s permission. Once we got the permission we are free to use those contents but we have to link that website in our contents.

These are very useful in SEO. This thing helps both website owners. The one who owns that and the one who use that. But sometimes this doesn’t go smoothly. If the owner didn’t give the permission to use the content, you can never use that. Because the owner has the full right to take legal action against you or your website. And of course, this will hugely impact on your website ranking. Your position would decrease. Sometime you might be banned.

“404 error:

In a website, there could be various types of links. Internal, external etc. Those are needed for various purposes. But all the links should be working correctly. In some cases, especially in internal links sometimes we change the link address. Then the previous link which was used before change broke down. Called as 404 error. When any visitors click on that links they find 404 not found error.

This types of broken link is not harmful for website, but this can cause bad impression to the visitors. This isn’t good for SEO. If we change any links, we should update that in our contents also. So that users can find that too. If any website owner has too many broken links in his/her website. Then the website ranks surely going down also.

Word Press Plugins:

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Word Press plugins are very essential and effective for Word Press websites. There are lots of plugins in Word Press. Some of them are free and some may cost you a bit. With these plugins,

you can optimize your contents, make contact forms, subscription forms, social sharing etc. protect your websites from spams, In Word Press, most of the time you get little access or freedom. Sometimes you had to just accept the whole thing. But with the help of plugins, you can do something extra. Plugins are one kind of extension for Word Press websites.

Many important tasks can be done by these plugins. You can optimize your contents with these plugins which will help you in SEO. You can make simple forms very easily with the help of plugins. Sometimes our websites had a spam problem. Some plugins let you solve this problem.

You can create an image gallery with some plugins. E-commerce websites are the most wanted websites nowadays. You can add e-commerce features in your website with the help of plugins. These are the most common uses of plugins. There are tons of plugins out there. You just have to use them wisely and take as the advantage you can.

In conclusion, these are the most common SEO Mistakes. We often did these types of mistakes in SEO. In the result, we didn’t get the fruitful result. Beware of doing these types of mistakes. At the same time try to follow the solutions given here. Hope you will get success. Happy SEO

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